The Top Marathons In The World




 When it comes to running events, these marathons are the best in the world. Discover some of the best, and biggest, marathons from New York to London.

The World’s Biggest Marathons

While many of the top running events around the world may have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely, we all still need to get out there and exercise. While we may not be competing in these events any time soon, a marathon is, and always be, one of the greatest challenges for runners. Despite their difficulties, marathons have been attracting more and more participants over the years, with everyone wanting to say they’ve done it, that they’ve achieved the impossible, no matter their time.

As we reminisce on some of our favourite running memories, let’s look back at some of the world’s biggest marathons:

The New York City Marathon

Every year, the New York City Marathon attracts over 50,000 participants. Entry into the marathon is strictly regulated and extremely coveted with people travelling far and wide to compete. A limited number of tour operators are also allowed to sell guaranteed starting places to non-US citizens who wish to tick the New York City Marathon off their bucket list.

The Boston Marathon

One of the world’s most famous marathons, the Boston Marathon has been going since 1897, making it the world’s oldest marathon. It is extremely tough to secure a spot in this historic race which sees around 35,000 people competing each year.

The London Marathon

Hosting more than 40,000 runners each year, the London Marathon is one of the most famous running events in Europe. First held in March of 1981, it is extremely difficult to get a starting place in the event, particularly if you are not a national or resident of the United Kingdom. The event is however famous for drawing some of the running industry’s biggest names with the best of the best competing in this marathon. These elite racers set this event up as one of the fastest and most competitive marathons in the world.

The Berlin Marathon

The Berlin Marathon, which started in 1974, has around 40,000 participants each year. This marathon is also one of the fastest in the world with many men’s world records set during this event. For not-so-serious runners who still enjoy training and are looking to complete the marathon, tourists can enter the race by buying a starting place through a tour operator or charity provider.

The Hong Kong Marathon

While the Hong Kong Marathon doesn’t make the list of major marathons attracting big athletes, the sheer volume of competitors is impressive and even the bet apuestas Mexico sites may offer wagers for this market. Every year this event attracts some 70,000 participants who can choose to compete in the full marathon, the half marathon or a short 10km run. The event is generally a slower race, due in large part to the vast number of runners, difficult course, and high levels of humidity.

Paris Marathon

With close to 50,000 runners taking part in the Paris Marathon, this event is no doubt one of the most popular running races in Europe. All competitors need to present a doctor’s note which clears them to run, although there are no other strict entry requirements. If you are looking to do an international marathon this is one of the easier events to get a starting place at.


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