The Best Safety Tips For Solo Women Travellers


 Travelling solo is a new trend, but for women, it isn’t always the safest. Find out how you can stay safe when seeing the world without any worries.


Every woman is heartbreakingly familiar with the fear that grips you when you are walking down an unlit street at midnight. Simple tasks can become nerve-wracking when you feel unprepared and vulnerable. To many, the thought of travelling solo is absolutely unthinkable. We are here to change your mind.

When you are equipped with the skills to look out for your own safety, you will feel empowered to explore the world – anxiety free. Travelling alone is an incredibly enriching experience. Since you are not obliged to work around other people’s desires and time schedules, you are free to do absolutely anything.

When you are on the road alone, you come to develop a deep sense of self-awareness that allows you to embody your most authentic, present, and inspired self. Solo travelling is a truly invaluable experience and if you feel even slightly inclined, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge surrounding safety and embrace the expansive adventure that awaits you.

Do your research

Like any component of travel, research is paramount. Next time you are investigating the best local restaurants, tourist attractions, and accommodation, be sure to include the safety of the destination as a search category. A quick consult with Google will give you a fairly accurate account. Before making any drastic decisions, gather all the facts so as to ensure that your choice is well-informed.

Baby Steps

Your first time travelling alone as a woman is always a rather daunting experience. In order to find the balance between confidence and caution, it is worthwhile taking small steps if you have no prior experience as a solo traveller. Before going into a space that is utterly unfamiliar, perhaps you should visit a neighbouring city or a country that shares your mother tongue.

Be Smart About Transport

Your commute is likely to when you are most vulnerable as a traveller. We recommend utilising apps such as Uber instead of hailing a taxi. This is because you are able to see reviews left by previous passengers as well as the driver’s information which allows for a far greater measure of security. Pay for transport instead of walking alone at night – your well-being is priceless.

Buy a Local SIM Card

Having data on demand is an absolute game-changer in terms of travel safety. Purchasing a local SIM card is relatively inexpensive and it will give you a great sense of security knowing that you are able to contact anyone from anywhere. Safety aside, it’s useful for maps, finding transport, looking up nearby restaurants, puestas deportivas Argentina, and researching tourist attractions on-the-go.

Trust Your Gut

It sounds cliché but there really is no navigational tool as useful as a woman’s gut instinct. If something does not feel right, do not go there. If you feel even slightly uneasy, make a plan to get yourself to a space that feels safe. Even if only for peace of mind, let your gut guide you on your global gallivanting. The same applies to positive instincts; if you feel drawn to a particular place, act on it.



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