Why Granny Fashion Is The Trend Everyone Loves



Your grandmothers’ clothes are back in fashion! Find out why granny chic is the new vintage lover’s dream, and what you should be wearing.

Gone are the days of our grandparents clothing being too conservative, boring, or kitsch. ‘Old-fashioned’ is the new fashion and if you browse through any modern catalogue, you will see a re-emergence of what has been aptly dubbed ‘grandma dressing’. Fashion seems to have taken on a cyclical nature and what resurfaced as a niche look in early 2019 is now in vogue.

Some of the ways in which this new trend of ‘grandma dressing’ has manifested is in fact so common that it is now considered mainstream. There has never been a better time to rummage through your grandparent’s wardrobe in search of a loan. We are confident that your grandmother will be flattered by your appreciation of her clothing.

Silk Scarves

The rise in popularity of the printed silk scarf seems to have happened almost overnight. They are incredibly diverse fashion accessories that can be tied around your head, hair or handbag, so they suit all dress codes. What is truly wonderful is that they have the potential to take a very simple outfit and make it look elegant and even semi-formal.

If you are looking to step outside of your comfort zone and add a pop of colour to your look, give your grandmother a call and ask whether she has any spare silk scarves.

Lingerie-style Swimwear

The trend of swimwear that is lingerie-inspired has come back bigger and better than ever before. Every beach seems to be populated with an endless display of high-waisted bikini bottoms and underwire detailing.

This trend presents itself in many different styles so we are confident that you will find something to your liking. Visit your grandmother or a local swimwear boutique and fish out a bikini that you can parade on your next beach day.


You know you need to hop on board with a trend when it is both aesthetic and wonderfully comfortable. Before going into winter, ensure that you have a few fluffy cardigans to wear on rotation. This is another good opportunity to add some colour to your wardrobe although, a classic navy always works.

‘Mom’ Jeans

This look might require you to consult the generation after your grandmother’s or perhaps even your local thrift store. They were extremely popular back in the 1990s. What is great about their resurgence in popularity is that they are far roomier than the previous trend of skinny jeans, so you can lounge about while you bet apuestas Argentina, in comfort.

‘Mom’ jeans are high waisted, loose, and slightly tapered at the ankle. They look great with a leather belt and can be worn with almost any shoes.


Nowadays, it feels like more clothes are corduroy than are non-corduroy. In the past, it was primarily used for children’s clothing but now it is very much at the centre of the adult fashion industry. You can find corduroy pants, jackets, bags, shirts, and skirts.

If you want to look truly vintage; source a corduroy pinafore and layer that with a t-shirt. Paired with some retro sunglasses and a silk head scarf; you will be turning heads on every corner.



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