The Best Bucket List of Hiking Trails for Any Keen Adventurer


A compilation of the most exquisite hiking trails worldwide. If you are seeking inspiration for your next hiking holiday, this list will not disappoint.


The Ultimate Travel Guide for Enthusiastic Hikers

Hiking is one of those spectacular pastimes that guide you to the most beautiful corners of the world. There really is no better way to explore a foreign region than by walking. Not only do you feel accomplished and strong when taking yourself from a to b on your own two feet, but this pace allows you to truly appreciate the surrounding nature and more rural and authentic villages.

If you feel unsure as to where you should holiday next, we certainly recommend centring your choice around a hiking trail on your bucket list.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Spain

This hike is composed of a series of varying trails which all lead to the apostle St. James which is located in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. Many travellers will opt to stay in the local monasteries overnight but if you are seeking a bit more luxury and privacy then there are many hotel options available too. The most popular route is the one that traverses northern Spain and starts in the French Pyrenees.

Dragon’s Back – Hong Kong

Although lush greenery is not exactly what comes to mind when you think of Hong Kong, the region is in fact rich in beautiful nature and exquisite hiking trails. This route starts at Shek O Peak and ends at the beach in Big Wave Bay. On your ascent, you will have an incredible view of nearby islands, tropical forests and idyllic beaches. Be sure to pack your swimming costume to enjoy the warm water after a day of trekking.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Uganda

This is a truly unique hiking experience that we would recommend to any adventurer. On this trail, you have the rare and wonderful opportunity to observe and interact with the local mountain gorilla population. Due to the dense – hence ‘impenetrable’ – nature of this forest you are unlikely to encounter any other people which allows you and your companions to enjoy the experience without the irritation of overly keen picture-snappers.

Royal Inca Trail – Peru

If you have been hiking for some time, we are sure that you have heard of the renowned Inca trail which is as famous as the apuestas deportivas Chile offers. This journey to Machu Pichu is the most frequented trail in South America and there is no doubt as to why. The three-day hike follows an ancient pathway through lush Andean forests and along towering mountains to deliver you to the sacred ruins of an ancient civilisation.

The Basho Wayfarer – Japan

This six-day trek is self-guided and every step of the Asian journey looks like something out of a National Geographic magazine. You start in Sendai and end in northern Tohoku. Not only do you travel through Hiraizumi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you also get to experience the cherry forests of Dewa Kaido.

You are able to book overnight accommodation in a traditional Japanese abode, known as a ‘ryokan’ and here you might even have the luxury of a bath to rejuvenate your weary legs after a long day on your feet.


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